Dr. Dre is hoping he can settle the divorce with his ex-wife stat because the ongoing case is costing the legendary hip-hop star millions of dollars! 

According to new legal documents, obtained by Sound Beat, Dre is asking the court to force his former wife -- Nicole Young -- into mediation, so that he can stop continuing to pay millions of dollars fighting this case.

"My goal and desire is still to settle. I want to move on with my life, put this divorce behind me, and put an end to the enormous costs of this action," Dre said. 

He continued, "We have previously engaged in two mediations. I am asking the court to schedule forthwith another mediation session."

Dr. Dre's Divorce Is Already Over $5 Million In Attorney's Fees!

In the filing, Dr. Dre explains just how expensive this divorce has been so far -- including the massive amount of fees he has been forced to pay lawyers for BOTH sides. "I have advanced $3 million for her attorney's and professionals...for an average of over $200,000 a month," Dre reminded the court. 

Interestingly, the 'Chronic' rapper claims he told his ex-wife he wanted to keep the divorce "classy and fair" following the initial break-up, saying, "I did not want to turn it into an expensive fight." Dr. Dre shared his last text with Nicole from August of 2020 which ended with him saying, "Let's keep it friendly and peaceful. Over and Out. I love you." 

Unfortunately, the rapper says Nicole "falsely" accused him of domestic violence and forced her to sign a prenuptial agreement. "This is a complete lie," Dre says. Adding, "Nicole is now trying to get out of our Premarital Agreement by claiming I supposedly forced her to sign (the agreement). This too is false."

Dr. Dre Claims Allegations Of Domestic Violence Are A 'Complete Lie'

Dr. Dre claims he was actually present for Nicole's deposition in this case, and she testified there were no witnesses to the alleged abuse and admitted she "never told anyone, including her mother or siblings or other family or friends about any abuse." 

He continued, "There are no texts, no emails, no photographs, no videos, no police reports, no domestic violence filings, or other documents evidencing abuse and no witnesses to her offensive allegations." After reading the allegations, Dr. Dre says he "realized then that I did not know the woman I had married and loved." 

As for the money, the legal documents state that not only has Dr. Dre shelled out over $3 million in attorney's fees and costs to his ex-wife, but his own lawyer's cost a staggering. In total, the rapper says his own fees are $2,170.317.71 and an additional $4,749,552 claimed by his ex-wife -- which is ongoing. You do the math. 

Dr. Dre To Nicole Young: Can We Just Settle This And Stop Spending Millions!

In the documents, Dr. Dre says he is paying almost $300,000 a month in spousal support, including 24/7 security for his ex-wife. "Nicole's life has not been threatened and she does not need full-time security," Dre points out, which has cost him an average of $340,000 a year. 

In the end, Dre says it simply, "We should be spending our time and resources to settle, and not spending millions on more litigation."

The case is ongoing.