Singer Cher's son, Elijah Blue Allman, has filed divorce from his wife of six years -- 'King' singer Marieangela 'Queenie' King. 

According to new legal documents, obtained by Sound Beat, the son of the legendary singer and her second husband 'Allman Brothers' star Gregg Allman filed for dissolution of marriage from his wife in Los Angeles County Court. 

Elijah Blue and Marieangla King have been married for 6 years and 5 months, but have been separated since April 20, 2020, according to the filing. 

The couple shares no minor children, so child custody and support won't be an issue in this case. Allman lists "irreconcilable differences" as the reason for the couple's split. 

Cher's Son Met His Wife In Germany While Treating Lyme Disease



As for spousal support, Elijah checked the box saying he is "reserving for determination the issue of support payable to (King.) The former couple's assets are "currently unknown" and will have to be negotiated and split up as a part of the ongoing divorce case. Plus, the divorce filing asks the court to order each side to pay their own attorney fees. 

Interestingly, the musician and artist opened up back in 2014 about his relationship with his famous parents and meeting his wife. Elijah battled a near-fatal bout with Lyme disease that was reportedly cured by doctors in Germany. At the time, he said it was "so much darker" than even his previous Heroin addiction. 

But, the musician said a good thing came out of the treatment in Germany, he met his wife "Angie" who is a singer in the pop music group King Family, which was formed in 1997 with 4 of her siblings. At the time, the couple got engaged and married in one week, reportedly upsetting Cher. 

Elijah Blue Allman Describes Crazy Life With Famous Parents



"Yes, this then makes you look back at this hideous ordeal that you went through that would lead you to meet the love of your life and this is how crazy life is," Elijah told Entertainment Tonight. 

In the interview, Allman described growing up in his parent's household, saying, "It wasn't like a sex drugs and rock and roll household, but you know there were a lot of big parties and there was an era for that. I mean like when I was a little kid like in the 80s there was a lot of that, you know. I mean I remember Andy Warhol coming over to the house and things like that, I didn't appreciate what that was at that time."

It should be noted, Elijah Blue is the stepbrother of Chaz Bono, and described their relationship as initially "close." 

Cher's Son Was "Initially" Close With Stepbrother Chaz Bono

Chaz Bono On Red Carpert


"We were close. I think what happened was Chaz went off to a performing arts school back east and I went off back east as well, later to prep school, and so from there we kind of took different paths. But for a minute growing up we were kind of close, yeah... we kind of grew apart when we started going to different schools and just not being geographically around each other," Elijah told the outlet. 

The divorce case is ongoing.