It’s Billy Corgan like you may not be used to – not performing on a large-scale stage donning robes and eye makeup – but in a tea shop performing Christmas songs with his two children, Augustus and Clementine, and partner and designer, Chloe Mendel.

The Smashing Pumpkins' founder played two nights of Christmas music through his “Wonderful Corgan Family and Friends Christmas Show” event per his Instagram at Madame ZuZu’s Teashop – the tea shop he owns with Mendel in Highland Park, Illinois.

Madame ZuZu’s Teahouse

Corgan and Mendel, who’ve been a couple since 2013, opened their vegan-style teahouse in 2020 with animal activism and health in mind. Corgan has been a vegan since 2017, and according to an interview the couple had with “Eater,” the duo aimed to create a space where they can provide healthy food options.

The famous duo opened their space with the community in mind, believing that especially during the pandemic, they want to provide healthy food resources – as their menu comprises gluten-free and vegan foods, as well as tea. They also wanted to provide a space for live events – such as their Christmas show. 

A Wonderful Corgan Family and Friends Christmas Show

According to Corgan’s Instagram, the family’s intent was to bring joy and spirit to the upcoming Christmas holiday through their concerts. The performances also featured a harpist playing a delicate version of The Smashing Pumpkins' hit “Today,” to add the iconic rockstar flair.

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The family even posted photo booth selfies of the four of them making funny faces to promote the show.

Mendel shared a video on social media of her children practicing their best rendition of Jingle Bells with their father playing guitar, and the family also featured clippings of “Hark! The Herald Angels Sing,” and “Silver Bells,” from their show’s repertoire.

For added family fun at the teahouse, the family featured a visit from Santa for the community to participate in.

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The family received praise online for their mini-concert series, on a photo that Corgan posted of the four of them on stage.

Sugar Ray frontman, Mark McGrath posted heart and clapping hand emojis, while another fan wrote, “That is just the most precious photo ever! And the videos of Clementine singing on stage with you melted my heart.”

Corgan’s Father Recently Passed Away

Aside from the positivity, the family brought to many this past weekend ahead of the Christmas holiday, Corgan suffered a loss at the same time.

The frontman announced two days ago that his father, William Dale Corgan, passed away from a heart attack at the age of 74. While still processing his loss, Corgan described his musician father, as his biggest fan and supporter. Corgan grew up watching his father play in basements, concert venues, and soundchecks.

“My earliest memories are of my father playing music, listening to music...” Corgan said. “So, all I’ve ever known is music, and that started with my father.”

Though his father passed away the same day the family was slated to play the Christmas show, Corgan and his family still played the show, in his father’s memory.

“The show goes on,” Corgan said. “That’s what my father believed in.”