ODESZA – the electronic duo comprising Harrison Mills (Catacombkid) and Clayton Knight (BeachesBeaches) – just announced their first show back to the performance circuit in nearly three years.

ODESZA Announces "The Return" Show In Their Hometown

The comeback show aptly titled, “The Return” is set to take place in their hometown of Seattle, WA, and the duo shared a teaser video yesterday for this show, showing Mills and Knight standing on the top of a neon-lit Climate Pledge Arena, with a video shot panning out to the larger city of Seattle, displaying the iconic Space Needle.

Fans Are Excited About ODESZA's Return

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Fans are thrilled for the duo’s comeback, with nearly 31,000 likes and 1,000 comments on their concert post to substantiate their place – even after their hiatus – on the electronic dance music spectrum.

One fan commented, “god is good,” while another wrote, “My heart is bursting out of my chest.”

“The Return” may be a play on words for Mills and Knight’s 2014 hit album, “In Return” featuring the ever-popular song “Say My Name” featuring Zyra which garnered acclaim and a Grammy nomination for Remixed Recording, Non-Classical. The duo had noted to “Impose Magazine,” that the album was called “In Return” because of their appreciation for coming home after long bouts of touring. This time, they’re ready for a different return. A return to performing and the fans that are overjoyed to have them back.

One fan summed up the duo’s three-year hiatus – “I’ve waited my whole quarantine life for this moment.”

ODESZA Released "The Last Goodbye" Featuring Bettye LaVette

Though the news happened today, fans anticipated an announcement – a few days ago the group posted a compilation of photos and videos of their music video recordings for “The Last Goodbye” – including behind-the-scenes footage of the duo sitting at a piano and playing guitar in a large concert practice space. The scene was decorated with a large screen setup, with soul singer-songwriter Bettye LaVette on the screen – her powerful voice blending smoothly through ODESZA’s sampling of her song, “Let Me Down Easy.”

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One fan commented, “can’t wait for what’s to come,” while another wrote, “so happy you boys are back.” Fans rejoiced at the anticipation and wrote – “I love you guys. thanks for creating more art that touches our souls” and “I hope y’all are as ready for us as we are for you.”

In an interview with "Pitchfork" about the track, ODESZA described their decision to feature Bettye LaVette’s music. “This song was born out of the concept of trying to bring these lasting, defining musical pieces like the 1965 release of ‘Let Me Down Easy’ by Bettye LaVette into a modern and contemporary electronic setting,” ODESZA said. “The idea of bringing two worlds together, that at first seem distant, has always been something we’ve been drawn to.” Even Bettye posted about her appreciation for their version of her sampled song.

The Seattle-based group who met in college thrives on collaborating with soulful singers – the pair typically focus their music on incorporating singer-songwriters and expressive melodies. They also put out a song with Leon Bridges called “Across The Room,” with a smooth percussion background layered behind Bridges’ vocals.

ODESZA Released "Better Now" Featuring MARO

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Aside from “The Last Goodbye” music video release, ODESZA also released the song, “Better Now” on Instagram featuring Portuguese multi-instrumentalist and vocalist, MARO.

On their Instagram, ODESZA posted a video of MARO performing the song on acoustic guitar, sharing their appreciation for "bringing 'Better Now' to life," before they released their electronic additions to her vocal track. 

Through the various music releases over the past few months, the Seattle EDM heroes have prepared their fans for their upcoming show and more hopeful announcements.

ODESZA’s concert return will take place at Climate Pledge Arena on July 29, and will also feature electronic acts Sylvan Esso and ford.