Ziggy Marley, the Jamaican musician who’s also the son of legendary reggae star Bob Marley, posted a touching photo on Instagram today to wish his son Gideon a happy birthday.

The eight-time Grammy winner posted a photo of a wide-eyed, crawling, baby Gideon, gazing lovingly upward at the world. He captioned: “Gids have good heart and a spirit of love. we give thanks” in adoration of his son.

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Gideon Marley’s Birthday Treat

Aside from music, Marley is seemingly ecstatic about desserts, and in honor of Gideon’s 15th birthday, Marley is bringing out his ever-excited sweet tooth. Marley is so enthusiastic to celebrate his son’s birthday with some treats, that he posted in his son’s birthday caption that he’s going to have donuts today on account of Gideon’s birthday. He then followed his post up with an Instagram story of a photo with two signature orange boxes of iconic Randy’s Donuts. The post garnered over 6,000 likes, with many fans hoping Gideon enjoys the sweet treats.

Marley’s post became a family experience, when Gideon’s uncle, Rohan, commented to wish Gideon a happy birthday, as well. Rohan – Lauryn Hill’s ex-husband, former Ottawa Rough Riders player and co-founder of Marley Coffee – commented, “Blessed Earth Strong Super Nephew.”

Gideon’s Happy Life Celebrations

Aside from birthday celebrations, Gideon’s had a few busy days enjoying life with his father. Just a few days ago, Marley, Gideon and his brother Abraham celebrated the New Year in a very magical Marley way – with a spiritual cleanse in a river. Marley posted: “…nothing better than a cleaning dip…self baptism to wash away the mistakes of yesteryear and get ready to start anew.”

Marley posted a video of his sons swimming in the river next to a paradisiacal-looking waterfall, completely secluded from any of life’s distractions.

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Marley regularly posts photos with his seven children, including many of Gideon spending time with his brothers, and promoting a new apparel line paying homage to his late grandfather.  

Gideon Has Been In The Spotlight

Besides his father’s birthday tribute to him today, Gideon has made appearances on other grand scales. A few years ago, he joined his brother Judah and aunt Karen to present the Robert Nesta Marley Humanitarian Award, in honor of his famous grandfather, who he got his middle names from. 

The trio presented the award to the Life Yard Project, the first eco-village in Kingston, Jamaica, with the goal of creating community change through art and agriculture. They also presented the award to Pras Michel of the Fugees.

Will Gideon Be An Emerging Talent?

Gideon may also potentially follow in his family’s footsteps and become a musician himself.

The 15-year-old comes from a long family lineage of musicians. Besides his famous father and grandfather, his other musician uncles include Damian, Ky-Mani, and Stephen Marley, each building their own longstanding music careers in the reggae realm.

Over the years, Marley has even posted photos of his Gideon playing guitar with the red-green-yellow Rasta-colored strap, while his father plays his guitar along with him.  

With all the wisdom that came before him, and with his own, we look forward to singing and jamming along to another Marley when the day comes.