Mysterious is the name of the game for rapper Jack Harlow’s latest Instagram post.

What is Jack Harlow Referring To In his “Kids” Post?

The 23-year-old Kentucky native posted a photo of himself, contently working on music in a recording studio. The curly-haired, blue-eyed rapper is looking ahead and watching the action in front of him, with a caption that doesn’t necessarily match the photo.

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Harlow wrote: “I write these songs so my kids can listen to them one day and know who their father is.”

He then went on to add a comment “Our kids***” below the initial comment, and his fans went crazy. Those two words alone led to 27 thousand likes and nearly 1,600 replies.

The post garnered nearly six thousand comments from fans hoping they have a chance at being the one that Harlow is referring to.  

With comments like “cant wait for our kids to see how successful their father was!” and “I write these comments so our kids can remember how we met,” if Harlow isn’t specifically referring to anyone, he has an abundance to pick from.

One fan even wrote, “Jack stop messing with these peoples hearts” with a laughing face emoji, knowing Harlow raised the pulses and emotions for his biggest fans.

However, nothing on the post confirms what he means, especially because he’s seemingly single.

Harlow Recently Visited His High School Alma Mater

They may not be the “kids” he’s referring to in his post, but in another recent Instagram post, Harlow visited with a different set of kids, at Atherton High School, his high school alma mater.

The video in the post shows students storming the entrance, jumping up and down, and holding their phones for a chance to see the famous student who once walked the same halls as them.

Students cheered and grabbed on to Harlow’s arm, as he made the point to remember where he came from – a “Hometown Harlow” moment, as one fan commented.

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Another fan, presumably someone who went to school with Harlow commented, “Bro used to freestyle in the corridors while nobody paid attention now look at him,” potentially inspiring the next slate of freestylers to shoot their shot in the school hallways.

Forbes ’30 Under 30’ and Album Anniversary

Aside from visiting his high school, December has been an eventful month for Harlow.

The latest big shot in the hip-hop arena celebrated two large milestones. He earned himself a spot on the “Forbes” “30 Under 30” List (and a spot on the cover). The 30 Under 30 list marks the top echelon of entrepreneurs and industry leaders under the age of 30.

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This month, he also celebrated the one-year anniversary of his debut album, “That’s What They All Say,” which earned the fifth spot on the “Billboard” 200 chart. His 2020 single, “What's Poppin,” which he remixed with big-league rappers DaBaby, Tory Lanez and Lil Wayne, put him in the first spot on the “Billboard” Rhythmic Songs airplay chart.

With all this momentum, and so many accomplishments, we’ll look forward to seeing what Harlow is up to next – and maybe another post explaining who the kids in his post could possibly be.